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Current job postings

We love technology - and our mission is to help large companies to simplify their work by developing neat software solutions.
Currently we are seeking new team members for the following job positions:

Software Developer - Frontend: React Software Developer - Frontend: Angular (10+)

How our recruitment works


Step 1. Curriculum Vitae

After getting your CV, we analyze, rate and compare it with others from our database of applicants.
It is important that your CV is in english, has a clean structure and includes the following information:

  • Your working history
  • Your educational history
  • Your basic contact info
  • Your technology-stack (jQuery doesn't count)

It is beneficial if you attach links to some git repositories, where we can see some of your written code.


Step 2. Coding challenge

If we like your CV, you will hear from us very soon. We will send you a small coding challenge, which is customized on your technology-stack.


Step 3. Interview

When you successfully finish the coding challenge, you will get an invitation to our office for an interview. This will be very technical, but if you really have the experience which you specified in your CV, then this will be no problem for you. You do not need to prepare and refresh your computer science knowledge about any special sorting-alghorithms.


Step 4. Offer

If we think that your personality and your technical skills are a fit for our team, we make you an offer to join us as soon as possible.

Interested ?

Send us an e-mail with the job title and your CV to work@devlix.io