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s a technology agency, we know that technology is going to improve our future. Changing the way we live and especially work. But it is not just the technology itself that brings this change, it is the way we use it and whether we are going creative and new paths that really target the core of a business problem. This is what Devlix is doing. Together with our official partners in Germany, we develop different kinds of innovative large-scale applications used by companies from the global shipping, insurance, finance and oil-industry. Among them ERP-systems, real-time applications and coordination- & communication tools.

Devlix Office View Yerevan
Devlix Office Yerevan

At Devlix we work hard to improve our knowledge and skill-sets continuously beside our daily business. We know technologies evolve every day and that is why our minds have to do so as well. Staying up-to-date with the newest technologies requires hard work and passion – and you will find those character traits in every member of our company. We connect our minds and skills with your domain-knowledge and vision to build the application that truly solves your business challenges.


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