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Towards the digital future

We transform and digitalize your current operations with custom software solutions that we develop for you from scratch by using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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The success of every software project crucially depends on the team that develops the application.
Only a team of highly skilled developers can provide you with the clean code base that is needed to keep the project scalable and future-proof. Therefore at Devlix we test and select our team members carefully and only by the highest standards.

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Supporting your local IT

Is your in-house IT-team overloaded or lacks the required technological know-how to make your product vision reality?
Let us support you by providing you with a team of dedicated, highly-skilled developers, which will work hand-in-hand together with your local team. Our developers are not just programmers, they also understand your business needs and can make technical-design decisions based on your specific business situation.

What sets us apart?

Agile processes

By using modern agile processes we develop the product in close collaboration with the product owner and are able to quickly adjust to new requirements and change requests.

Transparent prices

Our transparent and fair pricing model allows you to plan and estimate your costs based on monthly sprint-plannings, reports and predefined milestones. You define what you need, we plan it together and estimate time and costs for your specific use case.

Newest technologies

We always go with the best available technologies on the market to make sure your solutions are future-proof. Together with you we discuss and choose the right technology for your project and make sure you stay up-to-date.

User Experience

Together with our professional and experienced designers we create highly usable interfaces for your application. Thereby reducing the time you would have to invest in training, software documentation or end-user support.

High performance

Our team team resembles the optimized and fast operating software systems we build: It is able to perform continuously on the highest level.

Great support

We are always ready to support you. Not just during the development phase, but also after your software has been released. You can count on us.


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